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After Normal Clinic Hours - During the week (MONDAY - FRIDAY)

Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic has a veterinarian on call Monday through Friday (except holidays). Clinic Phone # 507-645-8871.

If you call our clinic after hours Monday-Friday, you will hear a recording of the on-call doctor’s name and phone number. After reaching the doctor, he or she will determine whether your pet should be seen at our facility or referred to the emergency clinic immediately. If you are unable to reach the doctor, we recommend that you call the emergency clinic directly. While many urgent cases are straightforward and can be seen at our clinic, referral is recommended in cases which will likely require diagnostic work-up (such as blood testing and x-rays), major surgery, or intensive overnight care. Because we are not a 24 hour facility with around the clock staffing, the emergency care we can provide is limited.

After Normal Clinic Hours - (SATURDAY & SUNDAY & major Holidays)

After we close Saturdays, Emergencies are referred to the South Metro Animal Emergency Clinic Saturdays and Sundays (as well as major holidays). To reach the emergency clinic, please call 952-953-3737.

The South Metro Animal Emergency Clinic is located off of Cedar Avenue in Apple Valley. The clinic is fully staffed and able to perform all needed diagnostics, treatments and hospital care overnight, seven days a week and holidays. The clinic basically functions as a pet emergency room. If your pet stays at the emergency clinic, they are discharged the following morning or at the end of the weekend and follow-up care is provided at our clinic. This facility allows your pet to receive the best care possible even in the middle of the night. Please visit www.smaec.com for more information, or call 952-953-3737.

We offer a wide range of services for our patients.

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We are the only AHAA Accredited Clinic in the greater Northfield, MN area