At CVVC, we offer a wide range of medical, surgical, and diagnostic services for our patients. The following is a listing of some of these services and how they can benefit our clients.

Physical Examinations:

  • Annual exams for healthy animals to confirm their health and find any health problems early
  • Exams for animals that are not feeling well in order to diagnose and recommend diagnostic tests and therapy
  • Pre-surgical exams to assess the health of our surgical patients and help
    determine appropriate anesthesia protocols
  • Examinations for health certificates for interstate and international travel


  • Routine vaccines for cats, dogs and other species
  • Consultation about what vaccines are recommended for your pet’s lifestyle and risks and to avoid over-vaccinating
  • House call care available for routine exam and vaccine visits

Parasite Control:

  • Routine heartworm testing in dogs
  • Heartworm preventative medication for dogs and cats
  • Flea and Tick preventative medication (both oral and topical) for dogs and cats
  • Fecal diagnosis and routine deworming for intestinal worms


  • Routine spaying of females and neutering of males
  • Declawing of cats
  • Exploratory and other abdominal surgeries, skin and tumor removal surgeries
  • Orthopedic surgery such as fracture repairs and ligament injury repairs
  • Advanced surgical services (such as TPLO or other specialty surgery) provided by a board-certified Veterinary Surgeon on-site
  • Early morning drop-off or evening before drop-off for surgery is available
  • Pre-anesthetic blood testing to assess health before surgery
  • Pulse oximeter for monitoring during surgery
  • Gas anesthesia

Behavior Consultation:

  • Help with routine puppy and kitten care and training
  • Diagnosis and help with common behavior problems
  • Referral to veterinary behaviorist for advanced cases
  • Referral to puppy classes and obedience training classes

Dental Care:

  • Dental consultations and exams
  • Routine tooth cleaning, scaling and polishing (see Dentistry)
  • Extraction of diseased teeth and treatment of dental disease
  • Dental radiography available

Imaging Services:

  • Digital x-ray machine for rapid and high-quality radiographs
  • Board-certified Veterinary Radiologist provides monthly review of all radiographs, as well as specialist ultrasound services by appointment
  • OFA x-rays for hip certification

Other Diagnostic Services:

  • Blood testing equipment on-site, such as Complete Blood Count (CBC) machine and serum chemistry machine for chemistry values, electrolytes, thyroid levels
  • Heartworm, feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), parvovirus, giardia testing
  • Pre-anesthetic blood testing
  • Urine and fecal testing as well as cytology services
  • Referral lab available to send samples for specialized testing

Referral Services:

  • Local referral to specialists in internal medicine, dermatology, exotic animals, behavior, radiology and ultrasound, etc.

Emergency Care:

  • One of our own doctors is on call very week night, Monday through Friday, available for phone consultation as well as some types of emergencies; more extensive cases are referred directly to local emergency clinic
  • Open Saturday from 9-1 for weekend care, refer to local emergency service Saturday afternoon and Sunday
  • Office time available for emergency care throughout the week

Identification Services:

  • Microchip implantation for small animals


  • Dr. Mark Werner is a veterinary acupuncturist and provides acupuncture treatment for dogs and cats, as well as natural therapies


  • Kennel facility with runs for 50 dogs, as well as “cat condos;” Large pet hotel with doggy socialization time and daycare services available
  • See Boarding for details and rates
  • Day boarding also available


  • Euthanasia services can be performed at our facility or in your own home
  • Owner decides how involved they would like to be; may simply bring animal to our clinic or be present for the euthanasia process
  • Videos and books discussing euthanasia available for family use
  • Cremation services available, may also have your pet’s ashes returned to you
  • Large selection of urns available by special order

Large Animal Services:

  • Please see for more information
  • Swine consultation and herd health care services available
  • Wide array of large-animal therapeutic products
  • Delivery of swine products to local farms